Obtaining the code

MyGIsFOS is currently (20150526) proprietary and available on collaboration basis. In practice this means that anyone interested in using the code should contact the code authors and discuss with them the terms of the collaboration, which will typically include the following conditions:

  1. He will use MyGIsFOS, any companion code, and any synthetic spectra grid provided by the code authors only for the project the collaboration has been set upon to complete. Any further use of codes and grids will have to be authorized by the code authors.
  2. At least one of the authors of Sbordone et al., 2014, A&A, 564, A109 will be co-author of any paper presenting the MyGIsFOS results from the collaboration.
  3. He will not make MyGIsFOS, the companion codes and the synthetic spectra grids available to anybody else without explicit authorization from the code authors.
  4. He will typically receive only the codes and grids in binary form.

These conditions are temporary: eventually we aim at making MyGIsFOS freely available. There are three main reasons to restrict the use of the code at the present time. First, the code is still being developed and debugged, and we want to have a strict control on his development, usage, and performance for the time being. Second, we want to recover the large time investment the MyGIsFOS development required. Third, MyGIsFOS documentation is still too limited to allow for “unsupervised” use of the code.